Don’t know what’s funnier. Voldemort with a nose, Dumbledore reading his lines, or Bellatrix with a coffee, making fun of Voldy

or the fact that Voldemort is just calming having a conversation with a muggle

I’m in love with this gif

i’m in love with the reactions. 


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"Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."
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Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Dennis Wojtkiewicz is best known for his exploration of the “sensitive nature of time” in his large-scale oil paintings of fruits and flowers. Wojtkiewicz focuses on light and texture in his amazingly detailed paintings of citrus fruits and multi-petaled flowers.

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 Crystal Opal Looks Like a Handheld Aquarium by Inna Gem

Crystals and gems are revered and collected for their physical beauty and monetary value and this Opal Butte crystal with contra luz color is no exception. The stunning gemstone, like many opals, features a varied spectrum of colors, but what separates it from the others is its spectacular visual effect. It looks like an underwater view of the ocean floor as light shines through it. There’s a surreal quality about the gemstone that looks like a pocket-sized aquarium 

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I want to know why

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getcho ass outta here aint no one tryina fuck with you shark

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